Dot Charge Control


Dot Charge Control is a dynamic link library (DLL) that allows you to process credit card transactions in real-time from your own web site. Dot Charge Control communicates seamlessly and securely via SSL in the background giving your users a consistent user experience.

Key Features

  • Easy to implement in your ASP.NET web application, no matter if you are using VB.NET or C#.
  • Communicates over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), protecting your users information
  • Can process thousands of transactions per hour
  • AVS Support
  • Test and Live Mode Support
  • 100% Free. Yes, Dot Charge Control is available for free. You can use it in as many applications as you want without paying any royalty or licensing free as long as you give DOT Specialists credit for it in your application.


  • C# .NET


Currently supports Authorize .NET gateway only. Additional gateway support will be added soon.