Businesses are under continuous pressure to improve customer service, while reducing operating costs and increasing bottom-line margins. This dynamic environment requires relentless efficiency throughout every process of any organization. Dot Specialists provides robust, feature-rich, and technologically advanced enterprise-class applications for small and medium sized businesses.

Our product line includes

  • Dot Cart
    Dot Cart is a powerful e-commerce application. Built entirely using the latest in technology from Microsoft, it is fast, secure, scalable and user friendly.

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  • Dot Upload Control
    Dot Upload Control is a multipurpose ActiveX control built using .NET Managed Code. The control allows for multiple file uploads to a web server or a network file share.

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  • Dot Warehouse
    Dot Warehouse is an advance warehouse and inventory management system. Designed completely on a web-based model.

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  • Dot Classifieds
    Dot Classifieds is a powerful online ad management portal. Whether you are looking to operate a free classified ad website or a paid version.

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  • Dot Directory
    Dot Directory is a powerful online link directory application. Whether you are looking to operate a free link directory or a paid one.

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  • Dot Charge Control
    Dot Charge Control is a dynamic link library (DLL) that allows you to process credit card transactions in real-time from your own web site.

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